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Where we share our love!

Come share your joy of nursing through pictures!
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You have found your way to us!

Here we are, a community dedicated to the posting of pictures of the beauty that is breastfeeding! Come, present us with one of the most beautiful sights on Earth, the love of a mother feeding the body and soul of her child.

This community is moderated submission, so as we can make sure that no unwanted guests make their way in. If your journal is deemed to be a fake by me, as in, i cannot find proof that you are who you say you are, and not a troll in our midst, you will *not* be added. If you are uncomfortable using your normal journal for this, please email me at "Poohgrlll at Yahoo dot com", and leave your usual journal name and link, so i may verify identity. And please, do not do this, and have a friends only journal, unless you friend my account ahead of time, so that i may view. I, your maintainer/moderator, am online almost constantly, thus the valid requests to join will be answered rather quickly.

Once you get here, and are a member, please post the following Survey with your first posting. This will help us all get to know each other better, :).

Number of children:
Names and ages of children:
How long have you/did you/do you plan to nurse for:

Please, please, please post pictures behind cut. It's not just to be pissy, but more for everyone's safety. I know there are computer bots out there that screen-cap the things posted up on LJ, and we don't want the little ones plastered anywhere unsavory. Also, it kinda helps for the people like me, who are too lazy to always customize and filter their friends pages, and don't want this popping up at work. Not all bosses are boobie-loving, and that understanding. Also, in this same vein, please post all posts friends only! If there is a post that is *not* friends only, I will warn the poster, and if it has not been corrected within 24 hours, I will delete the post. This is to protect the children in the photos, and to ensure these pictures do not end up in a place like cf_hardcore as did the picture of my son pretending to nurse his doll. I would like to avoid this type of drama, thank you.

Please have all posts contain a picture of either you nursing a child, or of your chil being amazingly cute, and nursing their babies. This rule, of course does not pertain to the (hoepfully) few ad posts, but even in those it would be appreciated.

As for advertising, feel free, as long as it is a related topic/community.

As far as rules, I believe those are about it. :) I'm a nice simple girl.

If you like this community yo

u may also enjoy nakedgirlparts and 40pictures, as they are pretty much related to what you see here.

I will however throw in some shameless advertising. hehe.

If you are married to the military, please check out my community, armywives. It is open to all branches of the military. It was once pretty active, but I do not know what happened, and would love for it to again be active.

If you feel you have the free time to dedicate, please check out bake_4_soldiers, a community that has had no activity since I made it. It is for making Home baked things, and sending them out in little care packages for the soldiers who do not have family back home. I am still working on a way to get the APO addresses for these soldiers. Until then, It is open to posting cookie recipes for future use.

Come join __beauty_within!
We are a GREAT rating community with already 134 members!
~One Nice Mod
~Bi-weekly themes
~Members are stamped every three days
~Easy Application: No picture required. Voted on INNER BEAUTY!
~Open Minded-Fair Voting
~Random Posts are Allowed
~Promoting is Allowed
~Read the rules on the Userinfo to Apply!!

So, come join us at __beauty_within!! It's an AWESOME community that we'd love more members at!